Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 16

Saturday was a great day!  I woke up feeling well-rested and ready to go.  I got a ride up to the site in one of the trucks, instead of a van, and we spent the morning moving dirt in M11.  We finished cleaning up after our last session of rock-hauling, and then drew a quick top plan, and hauled some more rocks.  We are digging very quickly now and are opening new loci almost every other day as we enter new strata in the square.  We have found that at the bottom of the last step we'd uncovered, there seems to be at least three courses of pavers that form a ramp.  We are unsure whether there are more stairs, or whether the ramp continues all the way down to the level of the temple's temenos.  We finished up early because it was Saturday, and catalogued before second breakfast.  Breakfast was served in the dining hall and included yoghurt and granola (my breakfast of choice, though they didn't have goat yoghurt or fresh blueberries).

After breakfast, we relaxed, washed pottery (for too long) and read.  Grace's square finished up in the west side of the temple complex (see the picture from day 1 to get an idea of where they were digging, though that picture is from last season).  Now they are moving out into the field to dig right behind us!  Those of us in M11 are excited to have neighbors, though Grace's team members will have to adjust to excavating out in the field.  The gnats are much nastier, and the work is often more physically taxing, though involves less trowelling.  We hope to expand square karaoke (squaraoke) to include their square next week!  Here they are washing their pottery (left).

Later in the day, a van-ful went with Nanette to get some coffee and unwind after a tough week in the field.  We drove over to nearby Kibbutz Dan, and had some real iced coffee, and a delicious pear-tart.  It was a little slice of European coffee-culture in the north Galilee, and it was just what I needed to keep the heat at bay.

Around 5 pm, I went out to the pool with little Joey ('14), Kate ('11), and Amy ('07) and it was fantastic.  The kibbutz pool is usually packed on the weekend because lots of Israelis come up to Kfar Szold for a weekend getaway.  However, going late usually allows one to avoid the crowds.  Additionally, when the gnats are bad (like now), going later means the gnats are less devastatingly thick.  I got some sun, did a couple of can-openers, and relaxed.  The hot weather of the early afternoon had eased into a cool, sunny evening and the breeze was just strong enough to keep me comfortable.  I come to Omrit to enjoy moments like that.  Now we are having a cook-out and I look forward to an off-day tomorrow.  I will sleep well tonight!

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  1. I can't believe all the stuff you guys are uncovering. Stairs, ramps, pre-shrine pavers? Awesomesauce. I'm super-jealous.

    Can I request a squaraoke performance of "Total Eclipse of the Heart"? Recorded by photograph or video, if possible?