Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 13

Today was less buggy but not as fun as yesterday out in the field.  We spent the morning preparing to top plan the new loci, but were quite inefficient and it took all morning.  Only right before second breakfast did Kate start drawing (with Lindsay and myself measuring).  We had to break for breakfast, and again afterward, because Kate’s future “bosses” from the Israel Museum came to the site to see the frescoes.  While we waited, we trimmed balk and articulated rocks to get everything ready to rip out after we completed the top plan.  After finally finishing the top plan, we spent our last hour ripping out more large rocks.  Very similar to yesterday, though yesterday we had Dan’s help.  Today, Ron, the surveyor helped us pull rocks instead.  The breeze was nice and kept the gnats at bay, but I must have been dehydrated because I felt bad all morning.  But the barrowing must go on, and barrow I did.  Anyway, today was beautiful, and not too hot, so I took a picture of the Hula Valley from the site.  Enjoy!

After pottery wash and lunch, I helped Kate catalogue our finds from this season in the master artifact database with Charlie, our archivist.  In around 30 minutes, my square is heading out to the site with Dan to do some cleanup and odd jobs around the temple complex.  It is very hot and I would like to nap.  Also, the kibbutz pool opened today, so if I had the afternoon free, I’d definitely go swim!  But I’ll buy myself some ice cream after we come in, and everything will be just fine. 

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