Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 14

Today was one of the longest days of the season so far, but we uncovered some very exciting finds as well!  We finally found the stairs we were looking for in M11—pictured to the right (with Lindsay doing some serious work).  The first stair was uncovered in the middle of the day, and it seemed to be at the right height and orientation to be a stair.  Then we uncovered another step, and another course above those steps.  I am very surprised that the stairs we found were in such good shape because the surface that was on top of them was so poorly constructed.  In the temple complex, Amy and Nanette’s square uncovered evidence for a building that predates the early shrine!  An even more exciting development for the site!

Most of the day was spent working very hard.  The gnats were bad again, and it was pretty hot out.  We picked and hoed pretty much all day, and Edward and I barrowed a fair amount too.  We went down almost a meter in one day, which is pretty impressive.  After a quick lunch and too-short trip to the pool, I went back out in the field to help Andy build a firebreak on the site to help out a neighbor.  It was hard work hoeing and raking the tough vegetation back and I am definitely drained.  For dinner, we went back to the winery on the kibbutz where we had a light supper and some young wine.  It was a pleasant way to close out a long, very taxing day.  Now to bed, where I will hopefully feel rejuvenated before 4:30 tomorrow.

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