Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 5

Another full day in the field and I am tired!  We spent the day closing out our baulk-square thing.  We articulated around the threshold stone and uncovered some basalt paver stones.  I got a nice picture of the square which I will put up tomorrow (I promise)!

Today at second breakfast we got some shoko, which made my day.  Things are getting hotter here, and the gnats came out a bit today.  I hope the conditions stay this mild, but I am not too optimistic.  Things always get pretty tough by week two or three.

This afternoon, my squaremates continued to help re-catalogue artifacts from 2010 and then after dinner, we visited a gentleman on the kibbutz who makes his own wine!  He just started last year, and is an electrician who is fulfilling a lifelong dream now in his spare time.  He treated us to a taste-- not bad!  Now its almost nine and we have to be up tomorrow morning at 4:30.  Bed calls.

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