Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bruchim Haba'im -- Welcome!

After a long flight from Minnesota, the Macalester team has arrived in the Galilee in Northern Israel.  Tomorrow we leave our homebase, Kibbutz Kfar Szold, and drive north about 15 minutes to survey the archaeological site we'll be working on for the next 5 weeks. 

This is my third year as a student excavator at Omrit, which is a Roman Temple site originally dating back to 1st century BCE.  It has since been occupied by later Romans, Byzantines, Ummayads, Bedouins, and is now mostly home to gnats, scorpions, and the occasional jackal!  This year, we have a very small team of around 9 Mac student-excavators, some Mac alumns, Mac Classics Professors Andy Overman and Nanette Goldman, and some guests from CUNY Queens and Carthage College.  I am a recent graduate of Mac (class of 2011) and I have majors in Classics and History.  I'm looking forward to getting back in the field and trying out my new trowel, as well as relaxing by the kibbutz pool reading in the sun.

I look forward to keeping you up to date on all the action at Omrit-- whether student-led shenanigans or groundbreaking archaeological finds.  Until tomorrow,

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